Caveat Emptor: Every Purchase is a Promise

Caveat Emptor: Every Purchase is a Promise

Everything you take on comes with a weight to it. This applies equally to both time commitments and tangible things you acquire. When you sign up for the swim team or the local Masonic chapter, you are agreeing to an uncertain amount of time promised to this.

That's pretty easy for most people to wrap their head around, and usually, there are some rails around how much time will be used. However, most people don't acknowledge the weight associated with purchases that they make and the commitment entailed.

When you purchase a car or a home, for instance, this comes with the time and financial commitments associated with maintenance. This is equally true (albeit in smaller magnitude) for every toy or gadget you pick up, and even the clothes you acquire.

Man on a ladder and woman on roof of house, either installing or cleaning the gutters
Home ownership might seem glamorous, but do you really want to clean gutters and repair the roof?

With every purchase you make, you're taking on the responsibility of maintaining that purchase and having somewhere to store the item you bought where it's accessible and easy to locate. If you take on too much stuff, you're going to suffer the penalties of disorganized life and a cluttered home and mind.

This is one of the reasons that a minimalist lifestyle can be so liberating and impactful: it minimizes your daily burdens. Consider this premise the next time you're thinking about buying a new shiny toy, a coat you might not need, or a new club to join!

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