I wrote this 3 months before getting sober.

I wrote this 3 months before getting sober.

I've been sober now for almost 9 years, and every year of my life since those fateful moments has been the best year of my life. This is a poem I originally posted on UberSite, on December 27, 2010 at 5:45am, just about 3 months and one week before I quit drinking.

I feel myself compelled to fill a glass when it is done.
In doing so, refill it twice, with twice as much as most deem fun.
Once having done so, soon I'll sleep; in sleep, perchance to dream...
Until I only wake to sleep, and wake and sleep and scream.
Once living, wont for dying, now I'm dying, want for living,
And apparently no therapy non-chemically can soothe...
No panacea medication will absolve the lifelong ruse.
To live and die; to die and live. They're natural but obsessive,
In the sense that people find themselves obsessing over them.
But if impressed by life's illusions, upon you I shall impress:
I've never seen a rose I liked that hadn't cut its stem.

If you or anyone you love is struggling with addiction, please seek help!

A picture of a rose in a glass vase.
For those struggling with addiction, please call 1-800-662-HELP (4357).

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